Project info

This large titanium bend is intended for a bromine installation at a waste processing company.

Bromine is a highly reactive and highly corrosive element. Many metals are not resistant to this.

Metals such as stainless steel literally disappear in no time through contact with bromine or bromine gas. Titanium due to its corrosion-resistant oxide layer is well suited to these types of elements.

These sheet metal parts are composed on the basis of the customer's specifications, so that they fit perfectly into the current bromine installation.


Scroll through 8 pictures from making this big titanium elbow for a bromine installation. The components of this product are water jet cut from 5mm titanium grade 2 plate, rolled, tacket with full backing and finally welded under 10 PPM in one of our biggest 2100 ltr/ 550 gallon purge chamber..

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