Project info

Very unique, highly responsible and delicate titanium welding operation and we were proud to be considered as 'the red wire' of TurnAround708, you never work alone, @Chemelot !

We have welded a new 800 mm titanium ring (Thickness 6 mm, concentric shape, titanium grade 2) on the bottom of a reactor.

For this we made a custom made purge chamber, on-site and inside the reactor for qualified (EN ISO 15614-5 / ASME IX) welding below 10 ppm.

After our high quality titanium purge chamber welding was completed and we received lots of compliments from inspections and NDT (100% PT and 100% UT), the huge internals were lifted back inside the reactor.


Scroll through 13 pictures from welding the ring inside the reactor with a multilayer (3) FW on the upside and a multilayer (3) BW (full metal backing) at the downside.

Testing: 100% PT and 100% UT

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