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A new recycling process for titanium scrap/chips is on the way, it is said that this recycling route will prevent the emission of 100,000 tons of CO2 by consuming four times less power than the conventional, ore-based production supply chain.

these anodes for the titanium recycling process are a good step towards reducing the use of the kroll process.

We helped the R&D research with welding two big titanium grade 5 Plasma arc test elektrodes (total length 3 meters and weight 350 KG), which are also made from recyled titanium.

Hopefully these titanium recycling process anodes will open new doors for recycling titanium in the future.


Scroll through 6 pictures from titanium grade 5 recycling process anodes welding.

The welds (a=10) have to withstand a load, high electrical current (10kA/ 30V) and high temperature and are welded inside one of our purge chambers, below 30 PPM, for the best quality.

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