Purge chamber titanium welding


LKN WeldTitan aims to deliver the best titanium welding quality using the best possible purge chamber technology, unique in the world. To achieve this we have our own R&D team that designs, builds and monitors our purge chambers and is also constantly developing new innovative purge chamber technologies for the future.

We currently have 9 purge chambers in use in our production.

  • Five fixed titanium purge chambers from 40 liters to 2800 liters.
  • One  titanium purge chambers with high vacuüm valve for quick change of large series products.
  • Two modular purge chambers that can be adapted to any situation, even on site worldwide.
  • One purge chambers with heat-resistant parts and bullet-proof glass, especially resistant to extremely high temperatures when welding tantalum.
  • All purge chambers are equipped with special golves, thermal cameras, temperature sensors, optical and sensor oxygen meters and flow control systems for continuous pressure and argon level.

In addition to our fixed range of purge chambers, we are also able to make custom build purge chambers in almost any size and shape for custom projects or custom titanium welding on site worldwide.
In this way we can almost always weld titanium inside a purge chamber and guarantee the best quality.

The largest titanium project we have done is a 24-inch (609 mm diameter and 6mm thick) pipe with a total length of 12 meters.
This pipe is made of several separate parts and is completely assembled and welded in an purge chamber with values ​​lower than 10 ppm oxygen.
Bureau Veritas witnessed and issued a signed witness report on this,